Competing for Tenants?

SPM is one of the Mid-South’s leading Property Management Companies.  SPM is a licensed, performance paid Management Company.  We market, manage, and maintain your house or property to protect your interest. SPM provides efficient solutions that reduce risk through our proven services.  We measure our success by the profitability and satisfaction of our clients.

Are You Competing for Tenants

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At SPM, we lease all types of residential properties in Arlington, Bartlett, Lakeland and other desirable areas of Shelby and Fayette County.

We strive for a “WIN-WIN-Win” solution. The Tenant/Buyer has a great place to live (they WIN), they pay their lease payment covering your home mortgage on time and in full (we WIN), and you never worry about anything and as the market continues to recover you can sell at a profit.  (YOU WIN). We believe that a consistent tenant/buyer and client/seller communication is the key to a successful and profitable relationship. Call us (901) 800-8273 or Contact Us.

For information for Investors,  Rental Homes or Home Owner Associations call  901-800-8273.