Weichert Internet Strategy

Why should you list with Weichert?

We are using the web expertly to catch buyers! As we know, the internet is an important tool to utilize since to 90% of buyers search for a home to buy, online. Weichert’s internet strategy is uniquely developed with more views on our website and mobile site than our competitors. You want your home listed on our website! Google and other search engines run on our terms. Therefore, we show up higher on the list in search engines because, our strategic search term adversing strategy uses homes for sale in over a million different search terms to point buyers to Weichert to find your home. Weichert is the biggest independently owned real estate company in the U.S. and we are proud to be apart of their success.

We have told you why we joined Weichert Realtors. The technology, support, and incredible customer service is why you should join us too! Our internet strategy is beyond any of our competitors with 3 Million visits a month. Selling or buying, choose us!

Watch for more info: https://youtu.be/MPdHzSHtU2I

We Are Weichert Realtors

We are excited to be a part of Weichert Realtors. Why Weichert? SPM Real Estate chose Weichert over other agencies because it is the largest INDEPENDENTLY owned real estate company in the country. It is owned by Jim Weichert and his son. They are not a major corporation and we share the same values and mission in serving our local community as an independent real estate company. Missy and I are expanding the horizons of SPM by offering commercial and luxury properties and training more agents to accomplish these goals. With Weichert’s help, we can grow our business enabling us to better serve you and our agents. To assist in this growth, we are looking for more agents ASAP so we can get them trained on our fast track program by our expert Wiechert agents. If you are an agent looking to excel, call (901) 800-8273 and set up an appointment.

Buy, Sell or Rent?

Buy Sell or Rent?

Are you relocating and can’t sell your home?
Or you can’t qualify for a new home!

Are you in one or both of these situations?

1-You are being relocated with your job and have not been able to sell your current home? But you can’t carry an extra house note on a vacant home.

2- You are looking to purchase a new home because the prices are so low. But you need to get your debt to income ratio in line to qualify for the new home loan.

We have proven solutions to both problems. Call us (901) 800-8273 for a free consultation.

Why Choose SPM Memphis Property Management?

Why Choose SPM Memphis Property Management?

One of the top reasons for choosing SPM Memphis Property Management is our cutting edge advertising techniques for our properties. We create a video that highlights the best features of the property. Additionally, we list your rental property along with posting the property on various mediums.

Another reason for choosing SPM – Memphis Rental Property; we manage the property from the owner’s point of view

At the end of the rental period, we provide a final video walk-through of your rental property.  Our walk-through videos are so specific that you will think you are there.  We provide peace of mind to both the property owner and the renter.

An example of a Rental Property Video highlighting the rental property’s best features

An example of a Rental Property Video move-out walk-through

Are You Looking for a Full Service Property Management Firm?

We Are Your Full-Service Property Management Firm

Are you looking for a property management firm in Memphis Metro area including Arlington, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Germantown, Collierville, and all of Shelby, Tipton, and Fayette counties?  Are you looking for a company that understands the need to keep investors and homeowners informed of every aspect of the management aspect?

As a full-service Real Estate Company and Marketing & Management Firm, SPM offers credit screening, maintenance, property inspections, collections, monthly financial reporting and overall peace of mind.  Learn More!

View our video and learn how we market and list your property to get cash flossing as soon as possible.

Welcome Aston Park HOA

SPM Real Estate – Memphis Property Management welcomes our newest managed HOA; Aston Park Neighborhood Association. Aston Park in Hickory Withe, Tennessee is an open-space neighborhood with a 15-acre private lake.

Visit Aston Park’s website provided SPM Real Estate.  The website allows homeowners to view neighborhood news, events and alerts, report a violation or watch a monthly drive-through neighborhood video.

Do You Need a Local HOA Management Provider?

Are you a homeowner or a neighborhood association looking for a local HOA management provider? SPM Real Estate can handle your Fiscal, Administrative and Physical Management needs.  For questions or information, call 901-800-8273.

Aston Park HOA Website

Memphis Property Management – Homes For Rent

Memphis Property Management has homes for rentWe Have Homes for Rent

For qualified tenants, we have several homes for rent that are located in good school districts. Watch our video that discusses how to qualify for one of our rental homes. If you do not see something listed that meets your specific needs, please contact us (901) 800-8273 so that we can find the home that best meets you needs.

To view our rentals: https://www.memphispropertymanagement.com/spm-listings-for…/

Qualify For One Of Our Homes:

Memphis Property Management Vacating Walkthrough

Memphis Property Management Vacating Walkthrough

Tenant move out can be the most challenging aspect of owning residential rental property. We reduce this stress with our video vacating video.  We do a complete walkthrough both inside and out.  View our video and call us are (901) 800-8273 for any residential rental property management questions.

We Manage Home Owners Associations

Local Home Owners Association Management – Call us (901) 800-8273 or Contact Us.

Buckingham farms Website

Did you know that Memphis Property Management is a Home Owners Association service provider?  We provide an array of local home HOA management services, allowing the association to choose the services that best meets their needs.

We want to highlight one of our Home Owners Associations, Buckingham Farms in Memphis-38125.  We provided a website for them, buckinghamfarmshoa.com.  The website provides a News and Events blog allowing the board to keep those that live in Buckingham Farms subdivision informed.  The blog post Board Meetings, Community Alerts, Community News and Neighborhood Gatherings.  The website also allows the Board to communicate the “Accomplishments of the Board”.

Importantly, keeping our neighborhoods clean and well maintained is vital to drawing families to make Buckingham Farms home. Memphis Property Management provides a Video Drive Through. This removes any question as to the validity of a Covenant Violation. Buckingham Farms does two per month. View example below.